Real Love…Just is

You ever get so caught up in something that you can’t see the forest from the trees? Well that was me with my false twin-flame.  Yup, I am confessing the prior blog posts I wrote about twin-flames was about my false twin. I just didn’t want to believe it! Blame it on my zodiac sign, stubborn Taurus. Thankfully I finally found my real twin who, by the way, was there all along. SURPRISE! It was him I cried my heart out to when the false twin broke my heart.

My real twin said, “you are destined to be with someone greater.” At the time, I was too caught up in my own melodrama to really let those words sink in. Yet my beloved, my true beloved was ever so skillful,loving and very patient. From time to time he would check in on me and it was like the scene in the movie Somethings Gotta Give where Diane Keaton can’t stop crying after having her heart torn in pieces. She’s pouring out her thoughts on paper and just starts crying. My real twin is a remarkable man. He is many things. Pages upon pages couldn’t hold his story nor do him justice. He’s one of those beautiful people that if you are lucky enough to meet you know you are standing in the presence of greatness.

Of course it is not because he’s in your face but it is because his soul fills up every space he is in. So now where was I? Oh yes…he would from time to time come back and check on me. I would say, “I’m not ready, my heart is broken.” He would say, “well you gotta try something new” with his light up your soul smile. I would just look and take it in and say “nope not ready.” A few months passed by and I noticed I couldn’t stop thinking about him. There was something in his voice that seemed familiar so one night I asked spirit if I should approach him because I liked him a lot. He didn’t know but I did. I would try and play it cool when he called but when we would hang up I would do that teenage girl happy dance and scream into my pillow because he called me. Then I would just daydream about what it would be like if he liked me too.

So, Spirit was like finally! All the signs and signals we have been sending and arranging for her, she’s getting it. They  gave me the go ahead and I sent him a message that read I’m ready for something new. He knew exactly what I meant and took it from there. He’s such a mans man…I swoon. This was vastly different then the false twin. Everything was easy…no push pull, no convincing…we just are. He brings out so many colors in me and when I look back he was always the strong support when Spirit was pushing me onto the world’s stage. We just fit. Finally I understood what Jada Pinket meant when she said to Tupac you give me orgasm without touching me. Just being in this man’s presence is a blissful experience and the foundation is love.

We can talk about anything and our lives mimic each other’s in so many ways. The one thing that stands out the most about this connection is it stands alone. It doesn’t need definition. It just is what it is and it is the most beautiful love I have ever known. Where everyone else took or stole from me, my beloved has helped me face the depths of my soul and has helped me heal. That is the difference between real love and fake love. Fake love takes and real love gives and forgives a multitude of all past sins. To my beloved, Thank You for loving me the way that you do.


The Call…

My heart is heavy watching this shit in real time. Most don’t even recognize the crime. It’s open hunting season if you are a young black male. They shoot you for no reason if you are staying out of jail. It’s shoot first, ask questions later… shit more people cared about a fucking gator.

The outrage comes from trying to force us to live in a cage, a cage of the mind. But all that does is produce rage or trick us into thinking we are insane. They tell you in 2016 you are free but if you are black it comes with limitations. It’s time for sanctions and reparations! It’s time we take our country back! Yes, everyone knows it was built on the backs of blacks. Our sweat, tears and blood is what made freedom ring. Nothing is new today except the KKK got a new face. When will we wake up and see Master still got our black asses up the creek. Everybody got a slice of the pie except for me. You can’t hold back a man created in the image of G-D, and make him sit in the corner while you pull out your gun. You white washed history but we the people ain’t gonna let you wash our blood away its crying out from the ground everyday it’s time for you to face your crimes. Soon the last shall be first and the judgment will reverse the curse.

A Nation’s Lamentations

Is anyone listening to the cries of a people who have been oppressed and

disabled, counted out more times than in.

Doing everything not to explode from within.

Many fatherless children go to sleep at night.

Only to wake up and see it’s not a nightmare but their life.

So many sons of ours are laying in the street.

No more sounds of little feet.

Those that see what is displayed on the TV as news, how about you

take the time to go to the funerals of our dead fathers and sons.

Take a time out and see what hatred has done.

How many have to die for justice to be done?

No more life in the bodies. Dead at the hand of hatred holding a


My soul cries out loud but no one hears its cries.

Instead met with a cold rebuff of “Just get over it, that was so long

ago!” and “what about my sad story, the one about this is my country.”

Don’t dare bring up the fact that it was stolen from its natives right

under their noses.

You know how we placed them in camps and allowed them to build


We teach you and them to sing My country tis of thee, sweet land of


Only people who look like me will let freedom ring.

Everyone else will be made to swallow my choice of bitter pill.

Everyone will be made to learn my history and not all the facts,

made to feel less than and given speeches about there is no more hatred.

They will be taught to ignore, denial is better than truth.

The truth is this nation that was stolen from the natives, built on the

backs of blacks and now held up by Latinos.

Everyday we are sublimely told “Don’t you dare try to get a piece

of this pie that you built or else we will call you uppity, entitled, and

spoiled brats. Why do you cry and get angry while we continue to let

your babies die? Just please stop talking about the ever so present past.

That was yesterday and yes we know no justice was had. We know that

your Families were and are ripped apart first at the hand of the Master,

now at the hand of the Overseer.”

They turn around and say “What’s the matter?” What’s the big deal?

Haven’t we given you people enough already? It’s time to chill. Every

time we look up you people want a hand out.”

“You expect an equal seat at the table that your blood built. Your

blood and free labor made it safe for others to travel here. We sold the

dream off of the work you did. We made you work while we sat back and

got fat. But it’s you that is lazy or even worse crazy. To think you could

become a part of the dream.”

A place where all men are counted free. A place where children


all colors are free to play and free to fantasize about growing old


How can you not weep when you see them close another casket?

Another black life stolen before its time because of a thief. How many

lives have to be lost for you to shed a tear? For you to stop denying that

the system is broken. Someone has hurt our mothers hearts by snatching

sons and husbands hearts.

They have taken their last breath all under the disguise of getting

back what never belong to them.

We will keep rising higher and higher in spite of all the obstacles

placed before us.

For in our wombs we hold the hopes for this nation.

My brothers and sisters keep marching on to that all familiar song

We Shall Overcome.

For when our Saints Go marching in they join that great cloud of


Keep moving forward and keep peace in our sight.

For no terrorist shall take us by night. For we have overcome in

spite of cowards’ guns.

We are a rich people.

Look around can’t you see you are Eagles? We make this world go


From music to fashion to science and beyond.

If our people don’t rock it no one does.

I know times are hard right now but can’t you hear the voices of our

ancestors cheering us on.

They are saying they can’t stop us.

We have a divine strength, the same one that allows to keep

forgiving hate.

The same one that makes us overlook evil.

The same one that makes us have open hearts.

I hear the divine saying to us as a people, “from the ashes you will

rise higher and higher into the sky. Soon all will change in the blink of G-d’s

son’s eye.”