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How many of us want to admit we are fucked up and damaged? I mean, who walks around with that sign on their back? But guess what, that’s exactly what we need in order to heal. We need to look at our individual areas where we aren’t as pretty as we thought or want others to believe we are. Why? Because of the beauty that comes out of those places:the growth,the tapping into self, the embracing of self, and the freeing of self.

It reveals to us who is in our lives for just us, all of us:the messy,the glory, and the blahs. Recently, I saw a movie with my daughter based on a book. In the movie, one of the characters gave the lead character the gift of her faults. It wasn’t until she was deep in her dark night of the soul that she was able to defeat that darkest part of herself by facing her ugly side which was actually her beauty.
Love isn’t about the flowers, and it’s not about the highs. It’s about who is there when it stinks helping you to get back up and hold that mirror up to you showing you that yup your shit stinks but guess what I’m here because mine does too. May we all will be lucky enough to encounter those that accept us at our worst so we can grow into our best selves.


The Highest Form of Love Is Grace

It’s funny how your soul can be crying out and the noise of this world drowns out its cries. But when you slow down and check in with yourself, you get all its answers and healing takes place. My soul has been crying out to me….get in touch with real love. The love that is unapologetically full force in your face. The type of love that is mind blowing. The type of love that is transformational. I had allowed myself to become cold to love because of things that occurred in my life. Those things came into my life under the guise of love but they didn’t fit the outline of love. I think the best passage on love is found in the Bible.

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. 1st Corinthians 13:4-8
My soul had been crying out and the type of love I was allowing into my life didn’t fit the above. It was everything opposite of the above. It wasn’t until I listened to my soul that I opened my heart and allowed the love listed above to come into my life. I now know I am deserving of that type of love and I will never except anything less! We all are deserving of that type of love. If any of your relationships don’t mirror the above I plead with you to let them go so that one that does can freely come in. What we focus on becomes our reality. I believe this is why the Bible instructs us to think only on good things because it is a spiritual principle that where our heart is that is where our mind is.

So what’s in your heart? Have you checked in with yourself to see what your inner higher self has to say to you? Do you feel detached from others and yourself? If so, give yourself a love spiritual check up. I could go on and on about love but by now you know I love music so I will let this song speak for where I am in my life. I hope you enjoy it.

Day 16 Hidden Secret of Being

Day 16

The hidden secret of being.
Everyday my being seeks ways to expand itself.

Take a moment and think, what would you do if you had no limits? What type of limits are holding you back?

Then challenge yourself to see if they are really limits or are they just excuses.

For me, many of my “limits” we’re just excuses. As I have said I’m done living in fear. This is the only life I’ve got and I’m going to live it to the fullest. The secret of the universe is there are no limitations except the ones you place on yourself. Think about that.
I will say it again.
The secret of the universe is there are no limitations only the ones you place on yourself. As the Bible says, “you have not because you ask not.” Now some of you might be thinking but I pray for this everyday or I have asked for it and list off things. But the truth is the universe doesn’t listen to our words but to our hearts. I am learning this. The moment I shifted to gratitude, I found freedom and unlimited favor. I have no limits except the ones I place on myself.
I hope you readers really get what I am saying to you. We all have no limits. So what are you waiting for? What is blocking you? What is stoping you? The universe is like a universal womb. Everything we need we already have. Mr. Chopra says when you are free, you won’t recognize past self. That is becoming truer and truer for me everyday. I feel compassion for the woman I was: the one to afraid to try, the one bound to others limits and expectations, taking them upon myself as my own. No longer am I living by the rules set in place by those who wish to control us. I have stepped into the matrix, where the impossible is possible and all I had to do was change my mind.

Becoming the Big Picture

Day 15

Seeing the big picture becoming the big picture.

By living in my wholeness I am complete. So what exactly is the big picture?

I think it’s finding out that everything you need, you are uniquely equipped with and there is no one else on this planet that can do what you can, how you can. So we should all rest in that knowledge and be comfortable being us.
I know for myself I struggled with this for many years. I was a chameleon. I was able to change my colors for whatever situation life placed me in. But you know what, I wasn’t happy. I was not satisfied with myself or those around me. I found myself longing to find a place where I wouldn’t have to jump through hoops to be excepted, to be loved, or to be liked and appreciated. I found myself longing to take off all the masks and just be me. It was in that moment that my divine light turned on and everything begin to fall into place in my life. I was always afraid people wouldn’t like the real me. Yet the truth was, I didn’t like or know the real me. Some painful events took place in my life and shook me forcing me to get real with myself and others. Then the strangest thing happened. I got everything easy that I had been struggling to get for years. People do like me. People do except me. People do appreciate me and all I did was stop pretending and be my unique self.

Recently, I was speaking with a friend whom I love more than words but I knew boundaries had to be placed in order for our friendship to flourish even more. Have you ever had those friends who just expect you to fix their problems? They expect you to always be there and make them happy but when it’s time to be returned they are no where around. Well I had to get honest with myself. I said, ” self, this is your fault because you have taught this person( this lovely person) that this is how they can and should treat you. Now how are we going to fix this?

Trust me all my old fears came back and were like if you do this you’ll lose this very important relationship and I responded then it’s not a real relationship. I heard if you do this they will be very upset with you. I responded that it is their problem to fix, not mine. If we are really friends, our relationship should survive and thrive with boundaries. Then I heard, they will take away all their love and attention and you will be alone. I responded, “I am never alone because one person decides to leave my life because I’m setting boundaries that help me stay in my truth.” I felt a rush of energy because I knew I had finally past this test. I had real growth and change in my life. I looked fear in its ugly face and I reaffirmed myself as being worthy of all the things I give freely to others. I am no longer living in fear, reacting in fear and for that I am truly grateful.
Oh and if you are worried about what happened with my friend well so far they haven’t responded and I’m okay with that. I only want real healthy relationships in my life. It’s my duty to protect and nurture myself. No one can look out for you better than you can. If you like me were or are stuck in a cycle of crazy relationships you are in control. You can pull the plug anytime you want because everything you need is already within you.

My gift to you today is a song by Madonna Beautiful Scars.

When we love ourselves we are able to stand in our truth loving ourself.

Loving with Gratitude

Love is the truest sign of grace. My truest essence is divine love. In the bible it says, ” we love because first he loved us.”


Love is the most powerful force in our human experience. As of late I’ve been down in the dumps behind love. Who doesn’t experience this? There are many types of love in this world and most of us choose to focus on only romantic love. I’m super guilty of this.

Why limit ourselves to only that type of love?

This meditation is showing me there are many avenues to take and experience in this life. I think the first step to experiencing mind blowing love is to be open to all of its possible forms and be thankful for them. Many of us waste time whining over people who just aren’t worth our time. I love this saying, ” don’t make someone your priority when they make you an option. ” This is true in all relationships. If you are anything like me, you get swept away in love. Love just feels so good. In my core, I am a loving person. I want to give everyone everything right off the bat but I only end up hurt and rejected. As I grow, I am learning to taper my love. It’s ok to love others but we all must love ourselves first. When you love yourself, you are good to yourself. You don’t let yourself settle for any type of treatment because you know your worth. For me, this is the truth about divine love. It is always there so there is no reason to go searching for it.

Maybe you have closed your eyes to the vessels of love around you now. Maybe you are like me and afraid to let others love you because of past hurts. Maybe you are afraid to love because of hurt. But why do we limit ourselves to the greatest human experience this side of heaven?

I could go on and on about love but perfect love cast out fear and love covers a multitude of sins. Love keeps no records of wrongs. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love seeks out the good for all. Isn’t that the meaning of grace? I already have mind blowing love in my life and the best kept secret is its me loving me as G-d loves me. We can not fully experience love until we fully love ourselves, crooks and all.

Let us open ourselves up to love because we are worthy of it in all its forms! Love cast out all fear. Fear vibrates in the lower levels, it’s ways are ugly and bring destruction. This is something I am learning to do… I stop and ask myself often, ” is this(whatever it is) coming from my love tank or my fear tank.?” Just doing this has redirected my life because I am able to slow down and not react in fear but act in and out of love.

Day 9 Changing your personal reality

Joe Campbell “the profligate of a lifetime is being who you are” “The present moment is the only constant we have” – Oprah Being grateful for who you are and honor that. You are the author of your own life story. No one else can live your story. Be gracious to yourself. We have so much power over our own lives. How many of us actually believe that? I know for a long time I didn’t. I thought I had to take life as it was handed to me and that was my cross to bare. Then certain events took place in my life. I have a wonderful friend who wasn’t afraid to shake me and say hey your wings are being clipped, you are not being who you are. I see you hiding and it pisses me off. The truth is, it pissed me off as well. I was living a lie, a lie that someone else had made for me. A lie someone else had placed on me and I was dying. The real me, the unique me was dying. The light that was given to me was dimishing all because I wasn’t being who I was created to be. We all have childhood stories of things that chip away at who we are. Mine are no different than yours except I was able to fight and keep my light glowing bright until later in life. I always felt like it was my duty to help others shine and lower my light. What a pack of lies that was! We only hurt ourselves by living another’s persons life. Thankfully, I had someone in my life who wasn’t afraid to say , “hey what’s going on here.” That was the catalyst for change in my life. The other day! I spoke to a friend and I told them don’t waste time on people who don’t get you. If you comprise to the point where you don’t recognize yourself something is wrong. Now, I’m not talking about changing for the better of course, we want to be in relationships that do that for us. But if you are making your light smaller so someone else’s can shine and they are ok with that RUN AWAY from that person because they are light suckers! They haven’t found out who they are yet or they don’t love themselves enough to be able to have light around them and stand out with their own light. The older I get, the more in love with myself I become. No, not in an unhealthy way, but just not being afraid of what makes me who I am. I am fearfully and wonderfully made! I have as much right to a seat at the table as anyone else! Now that I know who I am and I’m living my truth so many doors are opening for me. This is something that one can truly be grateful for because when you know who you are, you are able to stand in your truth unapologetically and be able to invite others to partake with you. When we know who we are as individuals that is when we can build honest communities because everyone knows their role and there is no need to clash. What are your thoughts on loving yourself?

Day 8 Gratitude leads to health

Our brains change when we change our thoughts. Could the sages have gotten it right about health? I know I feel something changing in me. I am no longer in a constant state of “funk, ” and I feel like I can see things in my life clearer and better. I feel good after every meditation. As you know, I missed doing my morning routine and I was able to connect why I was having a hard time. So I have made it a goal to get up earlier and do the things I know are going to lead to success in my life. Many wonderful things are starting to happen. I know that systematically my life is changing. The most joyful and awesome thought is all I had to do was change my mind. Our bodies are powerful! It says in Jeremiah that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. However, if we don’t tap into that awesome unending resource, we are not living life more abundantly. If my Messiah died to give me life more abundantly but I fail to recognize the simple gifts, and I fail to attain the simple spiritual disciplines I am the one missing out! I don’t want to miss out on anything in this life! So by now you’ve probably figured out I like to challenge my readers. What do you need to change your mind about? What in your mind is holding you back from living life abundantly? Could it be the negative patterns we’ve adapted to our brains. Well it’s time to change our stinking thinking. Try to think at least three positive thoughts about any negative thing in your life that you want to see change in and let’s see those mountains began to move! I need you as much as you need me. Thank you for all the likes and positive comments. It is encouraging me to keep going. Let’s keep going together, marching in gratitude and receiving our daily grace.

Meditation Day 7

Obstacles to grace melt away?
Without resistance there is no growth.

How do you respond to obstacles? Or better yet, how do you respond to stress?

My therapist told me that emotions, especially negative ones, are nothing less than information. It is a gift to us to check how we respond to obstacles? When we lift weights, we are told that we must engage and give resistance to the muscle in order to bring change. I believe this can easily apply to our lives. In today’s meditation, they focused on the blocks that block the flow of gratitude. By taking a realistic look at ourselves and how we respond, we are able to apply the right amount of focus to change.

Nothing in this life is set in stone. We all have the ability to cope, respond in grace and change whatever it is we perceive as an obstacle or negative. I have found my perception has changed by engaging in this journey. I am becoming more connected with my true self and sometimes we have to deal with negative things about ourselves. However, by focusing on gratitude and looking at myself and other things through gratitude glasses I am able to start taking positive action to change my life. Sometimes we make things way to big and just think that things can’t change. Maybe there is truth in that but what we can control and change is ourselves. Life isn’t always roses and chocolate, sometimes life just stinks but that doesn’t mean we have to give into those negative emotions. Out of honor for ourself, we of course have to look at life with honesty. But we don’t have to stay there and build a house. Life doesn’t have to be difficult in order for it to be meaningful.

As you know, I am a believer and one of my favorite scriptures is when Yeshusa said ” I came so that you may have life and have it more abundantly. ” We don’t have to settle. We can change whatever isn’t working for us at anytime we choose.

This next question might seem harsh but it’s what I heard during today’s meditation.

Are you the reason your life sucks? Let that sink in. Don’t answer right away. If you feel that something could change and be better, get busy! We are the authors of our lives. Could you be in denial? Could you be in fear? Could you be stuck in selfishness? What is it that is blocking you from receiving your blessings? What is it that is stopping you from encountering grace? I have learned there is an unlimited source for gratitude. There are so many positive things to focus on. Let’s keep growing and stretching and if we feel uncomfortable, figure out what action needs to be taken to bring about change.
Shalom (Peace)

Day 6 Gratitude is in the present.

By now, I’m sure you have all heard the old saying ” what type of time is a gift? ” The answer is the Present.

But how many of us actually think of what is happening right now this very moment as a gift?

I know I personally struggle with this concept. Either I am stuck in my memories or caught up in my dreams. However, I instinctively know if I only could be present in the present, things could change? I have really been trying to accomplish this when meditating. It’s not a discipline that is learned overnight but it’s something that comes with patience and persistence.

I am really enjoying this meditation series because for me it is causing me to be more and more present in the right now moments. The present is for us because if we are fully in the right now moments we will experience connection, which will bring about more thankfulness and Grace. All of these things enrich our human experience helping us to relax, be more authentic and just go with the flow. Life can be full of challenges but if we are fully present and aware of ourselves we might be able to bend instead of break and flow instead of getting stuck. I remember my sister gave me a wonderful piece of wisdom that I would like to pass on because I feel it applies. She told me that I needed to become aware of the seasons of my life and once I connected with the season I was in I would know how to act. I believe that advice was straight from the Divine because when it is winter we are to be fully present in resting , in spring we plant, in summer we harvest, and in fall we prepare for winter.

How awful is it when we as humans are in our summer season but we treat it as if it is winter? Being present is a gift to us and those around us. When we are aware, every door is open and our senses are heightened.

I challenge you to began to evaluate your life and ask yourself “What season am I in?” Once you figure that out began to be thankful for it and act accordingly.

Meditation Day 3

Gratitude opens the fullness of life-Melody Beattie

This is a quote from today’s meditation and it couldn’t be more on
Point for how things are panning out in my life. Does perception really change things? It’s day 3 and already I am seeing my life as half full and the water of abundance pouring into my cup. Funny thing is that none of my circumstances have changed only my perspective by focusing on the simple discipline of having gratitude. Could the secret to happiness really be as simple as turning the dial in our minds from ungratefulness to being grateful? I am turning into a believer day by day. My days are so much more full of the good things in life. Things like peace, joy, kindness, gladness. These are what my religion calls the fruit of the spirit. Others refer to it as energy but something magical happens when we change our minds. When we stop putting all our mental energy (which leads to physical energy) on what we don’t have and focus and be truly thankful for what we have! Mr. Chopra calls this action gladdening the heart. When you focus on what is going right, the other things seem to work themselves out.

Again, it’s only been 3 days but already I feel like a new person and others around me are taking notice. I don’t feel as rushed and I feel like I have more time than I know what to do with. All from slowing down and giving thanks! As you know, I don’t share the same religious views as Chopra but that doesn’t mean we can’t mutually receive wisdom from each other. The scriptures say to meditate day and night upon G-d’s word. I always take my time when meditating as a way to have communal prayer with the divine. I start out by emptying my mind and I say the things I am thankful for and after each one I thank G-d for that thing. After that, I ask Him to give me guidance and to speak to me as only He can. It is in that space where I receive unspeakable wisdom and ideas. All my fears and worries are put to rest. For me, it makes my day much more productive. I feel healthier because my adrenals aren’t vexed. The deep breathing brings me back to being in the moment, being aware and ready to take action.

I’d love to hear some of your thoughts on how meditation is helpful to you. Feel free to leave a comment and let’s discuss how we all go about doing this ancient practice.