Path to Total Transformation Day 19

Day 19

The path to total transformation
My inner light is guiding me.
My true self shines with its own light.

Ok immediately I heard in my head, this little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine. Next was, who lights a lamp and places it under a bed? But when the lamp is lit you place it in a high place in order for the light to shine.

How many of us know that it only takes a small speck of light to cast out darkness? I know this first hand because my smart phone flash light is small but bright in the night.
Have you ever been in a place so dark that even if you have a flash light it only lights up a few steps ahead? Well I’m coming out of that place. The sun is rising and I can see the path ahead clearly thanks to the light of the sun. There are so many light references out there, it’s funny.
Like a moth to a flame.
Why is it that everything on this planet is drawn to light? Is there a secret life giving force we get from light that our conscious mind doesn’t pick up but our subconscious mind does? There is something magical about light. Light can transform darkness.

After every storm, there is a rainbow which is formed by light. There are many colors in the rainbow and maybe just maybe you are the rainbow to someone else’s storm. Let us not be afraid to let our lights shine and lets do everything we can to keep them shining brighter and brighter!


Rewards of Higher Self…Day 18

The rewards of the higher self.

Have you even met your higher self? The one who isn’t stuck in fear or other negative thought cycles. The one that you were as a child. So many dreams and no thought of why you couldn’t do this or that.

Well if you haven’t met or you are in need of a reconciliation let me help you. The good news is your higher self is with you all the time. When we operate out of our higher self, we can move mountains, and we can jump over hills. This journey has been about you and me this whole time. We are the ones with the power to audit ourselves and make changes.

I have another confession to make. At the beginning of this little experiment I was so stuck in negative thinking and negative environment that I didn’t have the faith to believe this could be life changing. Or did I? I believe my higher self had faith for both the higher and lower me. I did the one thing many people are afraid to do. I took the first step to acknowledging I didn’t like my life. Then I took the next step to do something, anything to change it!

For many years, due to a bad relationship, I felt my power had been taken away. I had bought the lie that my life as it was couldn’t change. I was getting all the signals that I wasn’t happy however I wasn’t brave enough to try. Until I got shaken and challenged. I feel like my child self again. Even though my life isn’t perfect, I have this unspeakable joy and outlook that just around the corner is everything I want and you know what I’m starting to attract it! All the negative parts are coming to an end and my heart, head and soul have opened to notice and receive the good that is easily flowing in. When we stand in our power, it doesn’t frighten nor intimidate others who are also standing in their power. Like begets like. It’s as easy as 1-2-3, focus on being grateful and letting go. Don’t hold onto lower self energy because it brings blocks and causes the flow to stop. Think of the flow as a river. When a river bed gets full of rocks, it stops the flow to the lower parts of the river causing things to get messy. But when there are no blocks in the river, the river is constantly reinventing itself as a new river. The river has its own filter system in place by moving the water. Everything that is yucky gets pushed to the sides and all that is good flows freely down the middle. That is how I want my life to be and yours. I wish this feeling upon every one of my readers.

Again I’m so thankful to have you following my blog. You don’t know it but you are participants in the Divine’s plan for helping me overcome fear and just do it. You being here is an active prophesy being revealed one step at a time. It’s all because we are standing in our truths and full power.

Grace is Perfect Day 17

 Grace is perfect even when my life isn’t. Ok, so for the first time I almost didn’t want to add anything to the statement because it’s perfect the way it is. How amazing is it that we can live in a constant state of grace. The world becomes more vibrant, and more beautiful. Like a heart you can feel it’s beating and you join in the never ending cycle of ebbs and flow. You began to let things go because they don’t really matter to the bigger picture. Once you claim who you are you stop fighting with others about who you aren’t. To tell you the truth, you stop fighting with them about who you are as well. It doesn’t matter if other people don’t get you or seek to do harm towards you because you are stuck in the bubble of grace. Grace doesn’t mean we bow down and pretend to see the world for what it isn’t but it does mean we except it for what it is. We began to do our part to make it a better place. We can easily handle all the things life throws at us and not interrupt the flow of trust by being authentic and taking responsibility for all of our decisions.

I will say it again, you are the author of your life. So what stories are we writing? Does your life book need a rewrite? If it does may I suggest Grace.

Day 16 Hidden Secret of Being

Day 16

The hidden secret of being.
Everyday my being seeks ways to expand itself.

Take a moment and think, what would you do if you had no limits? What type of limits are holding you back?

Then challenge yourself to see if they are really limits or are they just excuses.

For me, many of my “limits” we’re just excuses. As I have said I’m done living in fear. This is the only life I’ve got and I’m going to live it to the fullest. The secret of the universe is there are no limitations except the ones you place on yourself. Think about that.
I will say it again.
The secret of the universe is there are no limitations only the ones you place on yourself. As the Bible says, “you have not because you ask not.” Now some of you might be thinking but I pray for this everyday or I have asked for it and list off things. But the truth is the universe doesn’t listen to our words but to our hearts. I am learning this. The moment I shifted to gratitude, I found freedom and unlimited favor. I have no limits except the ones I place on myself.
I hope you readers really get what I am saying to you. We all have no limits. So what are you waiting for? What is blocking you? What is stoping you? The universe is like a universal womb. Everything we need we already have. Mr. Chopra says when you are free, you won’t recognize past self. That is becoming truer and truer for me everyday. I feel compassion for the woman I was: the one to afraid to try, the one bound to others limits and expectations, taking them upon myself as my own. No longer am I living by the rules set in place by those who wish to control us. I have stepped into the matrix, where the impossible is possible and all I had to do was change my mind.

Becoming the Big Picture

Day 15

Seeing the big picture becoming the big picture.

By living in my wholeness I am complete. So what exactly is the big picture?

I think it’s finding out that everything you need, you are uniquely equipped with and there is no one else on this planet that can do what you can, how you can. So we should all rest in that knowledge and be comfortable being us.
I know for myself I struggled with this for many years. I was a chameleon. I was able to change my colors for whatever situation life placed me in. But you know what, I wasn’t happy. I was not satisfied with myself or those around me. I found myself longing to find a place where I wouldn’t have to jump through hoops to be excepted, to be loved, or to be liked and appreciated. I found myself longing to take off all the masks and just be me. It was in that moment that my divine light turned on and everything begin to fall into place in my life. I was always afraid people wouldn’t like the real me. Yet the truth was, I didn’t like or know the real me. Some painful events took place in my life and shook me forcing me to get real with myself and others. Then the strangest thing happened. I got everything easy that I had been struggling to get for years. People do like me. People do except me. People do appreciate me and all I did was stop pretending and be my unique self.

Recently, I was speaking with a friend whom I love more than words but I knew boundaries had to be placed in order for our friendship to flourish even more. Have you ever had those friends who just expect you to fix their problems? They expect you to always be there and make them happy but when it’s time to be returned they are no where around. Well I had to get honest with myself. I said, ” self, this is your fault because you have taught this person( this lovely person) that this is how they can and should treat you. Now how are we going to fix this?

Trust me all my old fears came back and were like if you do this you’ll lose this very important relationship and I responded then it’s not a real relationship. I heard if you do this they will be very upset with you. I responded that it is their problem to fix, not mine. If we are really friends, our relationship should survive and thrive with boundaries. Then I heard, they will take away all their love and attention and you will be alone. I responded, “I am never alone because one person decides to leave my life because I’m setting boundaries that help me stay in my truth.” I felt a rush of energy because I knew I had finally past this test. I had real growth and change in my life. I looked fear in its ugly face and I reaffirmed myself as being worthy of all the things I give freely to others. I am no longer living in fear, reacting in fear and for that I am truly grateful.
Oh and if you are worried about what happened with my friend well so far they haven’t responded and I’m okay with that. I only want real healthy relationships in my life. It’s my duty to protect and nurture myself. No one can look out for you better than you can. If you like me were or are stuck in a cycle of crazy relationships you are in control. You can pull the plug anytime you want because everything you need is already within you.

My gift to you today is a song by Madonna Beautiful Scars.

When we love ourselves we are able to stand in our truth loving ourself.

Gratitude brings Compassion

I am compassion.

This meditation is changing my life. First of all, let me say I did something very scary today but I’m ok because I didn’t let fear stop me. Who knew gratitude could lead to so many wonderful things? I am being compassionate with myself finally. For years I lived in fear, reacted out of fear, and made choices rooted in fear. But I am no longer living that way.

Have you ever been afraid to tell someone you love them out of fear of rejection? Out of fear of being judged?

Trust me we’ve all been there. But when you live out of gratitude and in love you can offer that gift without fear of rejection because you know that by offering it you already have received the gift of compassion. We can’t control others, only ourselves. What we focus on, is what we attract in our lives. If we focus on fear, guess what that’s exactly what is coming to you. But if you shift and focus on being grateful even for being able to feel love for another person,place, or animal you don’t get stuck in fear.

I am never going back to living under the fear umbrella because it’s a waste of time and space. We are the authors of our lives! If you don’t like something, re-write it or change it. The more you wallow in self pity, the more you will sink deeper and deeper into fear. You will be blinded to the good things in your life. I have a friend who is like this. Unfortunately, all they focus on is the worst thing in their lives. They wonder why they aren’t further along. Hmm…could it be that they revolve around negativity?

We can only control ourselves. It’s so easy to change your mind and never go back to that horrible place of fear.

May we grow in compassion for ourselves first than others.

Success through Gratitude

Succeeding through Gratitude

I attract divine abundance and blessings. How many of us are parents?

I am and I learn so much from my daughter. When I see her not being grateful I feel I have failed as a parent and I want to cut off her many blessings which come from me. No I’m not talking about the bare essentials but I am talking about the extras that we as parents get much joy in providing for our kids. I think G-d feels the same way. He wants His children to be grateful at all times because if He doesn’t do another thing for us it should be enough.

There is a scripture that says “G-d loves a cheerful giver.” He loves a cheerful giver because in that giver He sees Himself. Also another scripture talks about how we take care of the things G-d has given us. To those that do what is right they are given more but those that hold onto the little they have even that is taken away. G-d is such a giver He challenges us to test him on these spiritual laws. He already knows He can and will keep His side of the deal. Yet He is looking for us to offer up trust by giving to His works.

When you are in proper alignment everything can flow to you freely but if there are bends and things in the way, the flow is cut off. It’s not that it has stopped. Its just that there is something blocking it from getting to you.

I’m a big believer in affirmations. They help to remind us of many wonderful things and they put our minds and hearts in agreement with G-d’s words over us.

I hope you are enjoying this journey. Thank you for sticking around and reading daily. May we all be blessed with abundance and unlimited blessings.

Loving with Gratitude

Love is the truest sign of grace. My truest essence is divine love. In the bible it says, ” we love because first he loved us.”


Love is the most powerful force in our human experience. As of late I’ve been down in the dumps behind love. Who doesn’t experience this? There are many types of love in this world and most of us choose to focus on only romantic love. I’m super guilty of this.

Why limit ourselves to only that type of love?

This meditation is showing me there are many avenues to take and experience in this life. I think the first step to experiencing mind blowing love is to be open to all of its possible forms and be thankful for them. Many of us waste time whining over people who just aren’t worth our time. I love this saying, ” don’t make someone your priority when they make you an option. ” This is true in all relationships. If you are anything like me, you get swept away in love. Love just feels so good. In my core, I am a loving person. I want to give everyone everything right off the bat but I only end up hurt and rejected. As I grow, I am learning to taper my love. It’s ok to love others but we all must love ourselves first. When you love yourself, you are good to yourself. You don’t let yourself settle for any type of treatment because you know your worth. For me, this is the truth about divine love. It is always there so there is no reason to go searching for it.

Maybe you have closed your eyes to the vessels of love around you now. Maybe you are like me and afraid to let others love you because of past hurts. Maybe you are afraid to love because of hurt. But why do we limit ourselves to the greatest human experience this side of heaven?

I could go on and on about love but perfect love cast out fear and love covers a multitude of sins. Love keeps no records of wrongs. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love seeks out the good for all. Isn’t that the meaning of grace? I already have mind blowing love in my life and the best kept secret is its me loving me as G-d loves me. We can not fully experience love until we fully love ourselves, crooks and all.

Let us open ourselves up to love because we are worthy of it in all its forms! Love cast out all fear. Fear vibrates in the lower levels, it’s ways are ugly and bring destruction. This is something I am learning to do… I stop and ask myself often, ” is this(whatever it is) coming from my love tank or my fear tank.?” Just doing this has redirected my life because I am able to slow down and not react in fear but act in and out of love.

What do I Cherish?


I’m fortunate enough to cherish many things. Like my daughter, my supportive mom, dad and sister. My few but warrior friends. My good health. However I’m going to be cheesy and dedicate this one to my loving dog Sassy who passed earlier this year.

I cherished the time I was able to have with her. I remember growing up and not being able to have a dog because I’m allergic but always loving animals. I didn’t care if my eyes glued shut and my skin and nose itched and oozed from the rash that would breakout on my body. I knew from an early age something was missing and it was a furry friend. When I turned 18, I was lucky enough to have a best friend who loved animals as much as I did and she worked in a pet store as the manager. She told me about the perfect breed of dog for me, the Bichon frise. Just hearing that, I knew it was something that would change my life. I went on my search for what I believe to be one of the best dog breeds ever created. I hit the jackpot not long after by calling local pet salons. I was given a name and number of a breeder who was serious about finding good homes for her beloved babies. She was a serious dog lover. She had 3 immaculate dogs, all pure breed, best in show and she wanted to make sure that the mom had a say in who got her babies. I had to audition just to get my Sassy and I remember going up to this big home hearing all the yummy barks. As soon as the door opened, I knew I had to do whatever to win over the mom dog and get my baby. All of the dogs were pristine, able to break even the toughest dog haters heart. Well maybe dog hater is too strong a word! I was concerned about my mom because she seemed to be unmoved by my cries as a kid to ” please, please, please get me a dog!” I didn’t know the dark secret that lay in her heart. She had a doggy love when she was a child that had died and she didn’t want her kids to experience that. However, when my mother and I saw these dogs, it was love at first sight.

Now back to what I did that was really hard but really smart. These dogs were like floating cotton, you just wanted to touch them. But something inside said ” nope ask about the mother first and let her come to you. ”
She was so beautiful! I would’ve taken her if I could’ve but the owner would’ve wrestled me to the floor before I even got to the door. Her eyes were deep pools of coco and full of love but I could see she was sizing me up. She took notice of how I was concerned for her and she ran to me asked to be picked up and I just talked to her as if she was my dog. I asked her how she felt about being pregnant and if she was getting along well. Her owner said she never does that with anyone and I fell in love. She gave me the approval lick and it was history after that. I got monthly calls to know how things were going and I even got to pick my Sassy out.

Sassy was the first born and just perfect. I treated her like she was my first born. I cooked for her and introduced her to the world. I bathed her daily and even wiped her down with baby wipes just to make sure she was the cleanest, and best smelling dog. Sassy and I were inseparable. Our love was amazing. She saw me through many things: my first pregnancy and the loss of it, the birth of my only child, my daughter. She saw me in all my many colors and excepted me for who and what I was. Sassy was so awesome! People would come up to us (by us, I mean Sassy and I) and ask to buy her. One time, I made up a crazy number and the person doubled it. I even had relatives asking to buy her. The breeder that sold her to me, 4 yrs later called and tried to get her back for unspeakable amounts of money but I could never sell Sassy. She was family.

In her last days, she faithfully followed me everywhere even though I begged her not too. I still remember her in my lap, breathing her last breath. Her body was warm for a while after she left and I cried like I never cried before. I had lost my beloved best doggie friend and family and I was a mess.

I thought long and hard about what to write about and I knew I wanted to honor her. There are countless wonderful memories I could share but I think you get the point. I cherished and still cherish my Sassy. She was the best dog I ever had and I’m so grateful she picked me to be her human.

Natures generosity is waiting

The more grateful I am, the more my life is supported

Before we begin, I just want to breathe in and out. Ok! The above statements couldn’t be more true for me. I have to confess I was a closeted oppressed person for years. My life revolved around fear. Fear of myself, fear of G-d( not the healthy kind), fear of others and what they thought of me. Recently something clicked in me that made me upset with my life and myself for living it. The Bible talks about having the faith of a child and if you do, you can say to mountains be moved and they will obey. What if those mountains are thoughts? What if our thoughts create our human experiences. Now bare with me, I am not talking about name it and claim it type stuff. But I am talking about “as a man thinks so is he. ” I always got it on an intellectual level but never deep down in my bones to where my life would change as a result of my thoughts.

The other day I spoke about domestic abuse. Things like this happen because both parties involved have twisted thinking. The party giving the abuse has horrible thoughts and the party receiving the abuse does as well. The only way to change the cycle is when one of them changes their mind. A few months ago G-d gave me a powerful word and I want to share it with you. He said through a speaker that ” true doctrine understood changes attitudes and behavior. ” – Boyd K Packer

The next logical question is where does one gain understanding? It’s simple, in the mind. If we start seeing ourselves as greater and as overcomers, the system created by the Divine can’t help but respond.
Why? We are aligning with the word and the word is powerful. As a man thinks so is he. How powerful is that statement? For me, it screams if you change your mind you can change you. Here’s another one: out of the mouth the heart speaks. What are you focusing your thoughts and heart on? If you constantly worry that is what you will become;a person who worries and has fear in their heart. If you constantly complain guess what you will be…a complainer and nothing will ever be good enough and your heart will give birth to greed. If you constantly think you aren’t worthy of better… yep you guessed it, you will become smaller and your heart will become doubtful.

Why oh why do we torture ourselves like this? We could just change our minds. What do you need to change your mind about? What lies have you fallen for that are taking the life force out of your life? I challenge you to change your mind! Of course this isn’t going to bring about overnight change however as long as there is breath in the body, we have the power and ability to change. I am changing my life. I am no longer afraid to stand in my truth. No longer afraid to be who I am, and to show up in the world. I believe that with the help from my G-d, things will happen!

I would like to give you another gift by putting the video link here by Todd B. Parker. He talks about how once we understand we can expect change to occur in our life.

What changes are you bold enough to expect? Speak to those mountains in faith and they will move.
A little disclaimer: I am not a member of the LDS church nor do I promote it’s values and beliefs. However truth is truth and this video speaks clear truth on the power of understanding and applying truth to our lives . If we hear but don’t really believe there will be no fruit of real change in our lives. Enjoy and be inspired!