The Cursed Fig Tree

There is a story of a fig tree in the sacred texts. It is written that the son Yeshua was hungry and came upon a fig tree. He asked the tree to provide fruit to feed him. The tree refused to bear any fruit. On the outside, it looked like any other tree. But on the inside, it was dead. Yeshua cursed the tree so that it’s outside would match it’s inside. How many of us are walking around not bearing any fruit? We are walking around like the living dead, just taking up space not bearing any fruit.  What are the fruits we should bear? If you read the sacred text it says that the fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, self – control, goodness, gentleness and faith. When you read this passage you might ask why would He,the son, curse this tree what was the point in doing what he did to the fig tree? Even his disciples at the time were confused about why He would curse this particular tree. Let me give my explanation of why God cursed this tree. I have pointed it out already. It’s simple. God created the tree to bear fruit and instead of it doing what it was created to do it didn’t bear any fruit.

Being hungry is a basic human need. We all have basic needs that God wants us to meet and fill for each other. God created all for a purpose. No one else can do what you are meant to do or be you. God is not a man so he does not lie. When he came upon this fruit bearing tree that wasn’t bearing any fruit he simply called it what it was and made it’s outside match it’s inside condition. It was dead all the way to the roots so he spoke the words to it to make it so. I hear many followers of God say I feel dead inside or my life isn’t bringing any fruit to myself or others. God wants us all to live a life that bears fruit.  I feel it is our job to constantly stay on fire for God.

He never leaves us nor forsakes us but it is us that walk away from him. We are called away by things that bear no fruit in our lives things that deplete us of our God given resources or we choose to eat of things that are dead that have no life in them and wonder why our lives match the death condition. May I challenge you to look at this fig tree as a symbol for things in your life that are dead. I’m talking the type of dead where it is not bringing any fruit to your life nor are you bringing any to it’s. God isn’t always going to curse them outright he gives the chance to revive them. But something are simply dead and not even God can call fruit out of it.

He cares about our needs he gave them to us and he wants those needs met. Why do we as human beings torture ourselves for having basic human needs? We will grieve over that which is dead. David was wise for when he committed sin with Bathsheba and as we know the end result of sin is death something always dies God told him he was going to lose his son. David didn’t wait to mourn the loss of his son he fasted and asked God to not take the child but once the child had passed he got up washed his face and got back to living. When his servants asked him why do you eat and drink now he replied He is gone nothing I do can or will bring him back. How many of us have this perspective towards death? Some of us grieve way too long over things that have died a long time ago, and us torturing ourselves isn’t going to change the fact that it is dead and nothing is going to bring it back.

Yeshua wasn’t ashamed by his human side and he isnt ashamed by others human side. He created us to be human to experience human things. However, he couldn’t stand when something He created was not being fruitful. He couldn’t stand this fig tree being out in the wilderness for all to see but it wasn’t doing the very thing it had been planted to do provide fruit.

What was it planted to do? It was planted to provide nourishment to those that wish to eat of its fruit. When we are bearing fruit, all benefit. When we are doing what we were created to do, there is fruit and anyone can come and receive nourishment from us. God can and will give you beauty for ashes. He will use the very things that bound you to set others free. He will give you a new song to sing. He will make sure your needs are met. God cares so much about your needs being met that He sent me to tell you it’s ok to have them (needs) but be careful what you feed off of and what feeds off you. Only partake of things that are alive and bearing fruit. If You are in dead situations I challenge you to call them dead and have the courage to walk away and find life situations to bring the life back into you and your walk with God.

photo credit- People Tree , by Pooktre


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