Holiday Survival Guide

Spending holidays alone can be really intimidating at first. But with time and organization the holidays can be really special and magical.

I am a divorced mother with one child and every other year we swap holidays. At first, I could not imagine having to spend this time alone. But I have made new traditions for myself that really help take off the edge and make this time super special for me as well as my daughter. Maybe you can use some of these things as well…

Tip 1 : Make the most of your time with your kid. Protect it! Treasure it! Come up with new traditions to do for the two of you.

Tip 2: Create a magical space for yourself. Don’t forget to get yourself small but meaningful presents while you are getting everyone else on the list presents.

Tip 3: Take up a new hobby… something that brings you joy and you can do alone. Things like painting, crafting, dancing etc.

Tip 4: Don’t forget it’s ok to feel things. Set aside time to feel but don’t dwell there.

Tip 5: Get out and create new memories with single friends or if you are brave ENOUGH by yourself.

Tip 6: Do small things for yourself like take a spiritual cleanse bath to help take away the negative emotions
Spiritual Cleanse Bath Recipe:

Warm to hot water for soaking

Epsom Salt

Essential Oil (any scent that bring you comfort and joy)

Flower petals

And the most important candle light

Now block out sometime to just pamper and love on yourself while doing this bath. While in the bath just be grateful for the moment to be alone and gather yourself. Soak for however long you can stand it.

Tip 7: Volunteer. Trust me this is the best thing you can do. Volunteering allows you to not be alone but also give service to others who need the uplifting during this time as well. It is a exchange of energy and it opens space around you for new and wonderful people and things to come in.

Tip 8: Have fun no matter what you do. Don’t be too hard on yourself, give the gift of forgiveness to yourself as well as others and again don’t dwell in the negatives but focus on the positives.

This is a small but hopefully helpful resource from a divorced single mom survivor.

Last but not least …it does get better! I didn’t believe it either a year or two ago but it does. Time heals all wounds and this is an exciting time to rediscover, reconnect and re-evaluate yourself and live your best life! Happy Holidays from Reign Blog


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