Movie Review by special GW (ghost writer)

Hi everybody!

I would like to talk about my thoughts on a new movie and one that’s a ‘tale as old as time.’

The first one, the new movie, is ‘Jurassic World.’ Jurassic World is an epic adventure! It features the original Jurassic Park as a modern day theme park with dinosaurs. Instead of the original John Hammond and gang, now there is Clare and Owen. Clare, Owen and a scientist who decides to make a genetically modified hybrid dinosaur. Of course you know from the beginning that this is going to be an issue because this dinosaur is a hybrid of a frog, vilosorapture, and T-Rex. At the end of the movie the park is destroyed, and the T-Rex and mosasaurs save the day. I’m not saying I don’t like the movie, I’m saying that it’s kind of repeating the original movie if you think about it.

The next movie, the one that is a “tale as old as time,” is also a song to say the least. You guessed it! Beauty and the Beast! Beauty and the Beast is a classic and magical tale about a girl named Belle and a beast who used to be a prince. This beast locks her father up in his castle prison. Belle finds her way to the castle and begs the beast to let her take her father’s place in the castle as a prisoner. At first Belle is frightened of the beast and refuses to come out of her room. She tries to run away, and the beast comes after her to protect her! That’s when she gets to know the beast and that’s when the beast gets to know her. Now, if you’ve seen the movie you know I can’t leave out the talking furniture. The memorable candle sticks, wardrobes, clocks, cups, and teapots give Belle a warm welcome with the song, “Be our guest.” At the end of the film, Belle breaks the spell over the beast and they live happily ever after.


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