Taking Chances

Recently, I decided to make major changes in my life. Why?

It’s simple. I didn’t like the life I had. I stepped out on faith and decided to take a chance. A chance at believing in me. I started this blog to stretch my writing muscles but I am just amazed at the energy shift that took place in my life with just one positive decision to bank on me. I am an extreme encourager for many in my life almost to a fault. I use to be able to believe in everyone else but me and no longer is that the case. G-d gave me unique gifts that I have just begun to explore and discover. I feel like David standing before the giant with nothing but 5 stones. However, I like David have the Lord on my side and all it takes is one stone to defeat the giant in my life.

How are things going in your world? Are you being called to step out on faith and defeat giants as well?

I hope you are living your best life. If not, I hope you, like me, take a chance and step out on faith. What do you have to lose? Let your haters be your motivators.


5 thoughts on “Taking Chances

  1. Great little post! Oh yes, stepping out on faith ALL the time! And defeating giants/ Probably myself. I’m a bit cynical about myself and I guess I am using blogging to help defeat that insecure giant – it that’s what it is that’s holding me down/back! Something to think about as I am also an encourager and I am really full of faith, joy and love all the time! Except…..

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  2. Wish you the best! My thoughts can be my biggest giant. I give it a good punch and start what I need to. I still have a few giants to fight. Will check your blog again soon. Loved it. Yaz


  3. I think your blog is very inspiring and, for that reason, I have nominated you for The Brotherhood of the World Blogger award. When you feel ready, please visit my blog for details about this award. Accepting and participating is fun and brings new readers and friends, too.

    Congratulations! I look forward to your post.

    Kindest Regards,


  4. “let your haters be your motivators” a quote you said that hit the nail on the head for me. All my life I have been told I am not loveable, blah blah…anyhow I am 48 strong in faith love to blog and waiting for God to give me his assignments.


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