Gratitude brings Compassion

I am compassion.

This meditation is changing my life. First of all, let me say I did something very scary today but I’m ok because I didn’t let fear stop me. Who knew gratitude could lead to so many wonderful things? I am being compassionate with myself finally. For years I lived in fear, reacted out of fear, and made choices rooted in fear. But I am no longer living that way.

Have you ever been afraid to tell someone you love them out of fear of rejection? Out of fear of being judged?

Trust me we’ve all been there. But when you live out of gratitude and in love you can offer that gift without fear of rejection because you know that by offering it you already have received the gift of compassion. We can’t control others, only ourselves. What we focus on, is what we attract in our lives. If we focus on fear, guess what that’s exactly what is coming to you. But if you shift and focus on being grateful even for being able to feel love for another person,place, or animal you don’t get stuck in fear.

I am never going back to living under the fear umbrella because it’s a waste of time and space. We are the authors of our lives! If you don’t like something, re-write it or change it. The more you wallow in self pity, the more you will sink deeper and deeper into fear. You will be blinded to the good things in your life. I have a friend who is like this. Unfortunately, all they focus on is the worst thing in their lives. They wonder why they aren’t further along. Hmm…could it be that they revolve around negativity?

We can only control ourselves. It’s so easy to change your mind and never go back to that horrible place of fear.

May we grow in compassion for ourselves first than others.


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