Loving with Gratitude

Love is the truest sign of grace. My truest essence is divine love. In the bible it says, ” we love because first he loved us.”


Love is the most powerful force in our human experience. As of late I’ve been down in the dumps behind love. Who doesn’t experience this? There are many types of love in this world and most of us choose to focus on only romantic love. I’m super guilty of this.

Why limit ourselves to only that type of love?

This meditation is showing me there are many avenues to take and experience in this life. I think the first step to experiencing mind blowing love is to be open to all of its possible forms and be thankful for them. Many of us waste time whining over people who just aren’t worth our time. I love this saying, ” don’t make someone your priority when they make you an option. ” This is true in all relationships. If you are anything like me, you get swept away in love. Love just feels so good. In my core, I am a loving person. I want to give everyone everything right off the bat but I only end up hurt and rejected. As I grow, I am learning to taper my love. It’s ok to love others but we all must love ourselves first. When you love yourself, you are good to yourself. You don’t let yourself settle for any type of treatment because you know your worth. For me, this is the truth about divine love. It is always there so there is no reason to go searching for it.

Maybe you have closed your eyes to the vessels of love around you now. Maybe you are like me and afraid to let others love you because of past hurts. Maybe you are afraid to love because of hurt. But why do we limit ourselves to the greatest human experience this side of heaven?

I could go on and on about love but perfect love cast out fear and love covers a multitude of sins. Love keeps no records of wrongs. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love seeks out the good for all. Isn’t that the meaning of grace? I already have mind blowing love in my life and the best kept secret is its me loving me as G-d loves me. We can not fully experience love until we fully love ourselves, crooks and all.

Let us open ourselves up to love because we are worthy of it in all its forms! Love cast out all fear. Fear vibrates in the lower levels, it’s ways are ugly and bring destruction. This is something I am learning to do… I stop and ask myself often, ” is this(whatever it is) coming from my love tank or my fear tank.?” Just doing this has redirected my life because I am able to slow down and not react in fear but act in and out of love.


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