What do I Cherish?


I’m fortunate enough to cherish many things. Like my daughter, my supportive mom, dad and sister. My few but warrior friends. My good health. However I’m going to be cheesy and dedicate this one to my loving dog Sassy who passed earlier this year.

I cherished the time I was able to have with her. I remember growing up and not being able to have a dog because I’m allergic but always loving animals. I didn’t care if my eyes glued shut and my skin and nose itched and oozed from the rash that would breakout on my body. I knew from an early age something was missing and it was a furry friend. When I turned 18, I was lucky enough to have a best friend who loved animals as much as I did and she worked in a pet store as the manager. She told me about the perfect breed of dog for me, the Bichon frise. Just hearing that, I knew it was something that would change my life. I went on my search for what I believe to be one of the best dog breeds ever created. I hit the jackpot not long after by calling local pet salons. I was given a name and number of a breeder who was serious about finding good homes for her beloved babies. She was a serious dog lover. She had 3 immaculate dogs, all pure breed, best in show and she wanted to make sure that the mom had a say in who got her babies. I had to audition just to get my Sassy and I remember going up to this big home hearing all the yummy barks. As soon as the door opened, I knew I had to do whatever to win over the mom dog and get my baby. All of the dogs were pristine, able to break even the toughest dog haters heart. Well maybe dog hater is too strong a word! I was concerned about my mom because she seemed to be unmoved by my cries as a kid to ” please, please, please get me a dog!” I didn’t know the dark secret that lay in her heart. She had a doggy love when she was a child that had died and she didn’t want her kids to experience that. However, when my mother and I saw these dogs, it was love at first sight.

Now back to what I did that was really hard but really smart. These dogs were like floating cotton, you just wanted to touch them. But something inside said ” nope ask about the mother first and let her come to you. ”
She was so beautiful! I would’ve taken her if I could’ve but the owner would’ve wrestled me to the floor before I even got to the door. Her eyes were deep pools of coco and full of love but I could see she was sizing me up. She took notice of how I was concerned for her and she ran to me asked to be picked up and I just talked to her as if she was my dog. I asked her how she felt about being pregnant and if she was getting along well. Her owner said she never does that with anyone and I fell in love. She gave me the approval lick and it was history after that. I got monthly calls to know how things were going and I even got to pick my Sassy out.

Sassy was the first born and just perfect. I treated her like she was my first born. I cooked for her and introduced her to the world. I bathed her daily and even wiped her down with baby wipes just to make sure she was the cleanest, and best smelling dog. Sassy and I were inseparable. Our love was amazing. She saw me through many things: my first pregnancy and the loss of it, the birth of my only child, my daughter. She saw me in all my many colors and excepted me for who and what I was. Sassy was so awesome! People would come up to us (by us, I mean Sassy and I) and ask to buy her. One time, I made up a crazy number and the person doubled it. I even had relatives asking to buy her. The breeder that sold her to me, 4 yrs later called and tried to get her back for unspeakable amounts of money but I could never sell Sassy. She was family.

In her last days, she faithfully followed me everywhere even though I begged her not too. I still remember her in my lap, breathing her last breath. Her body was warm for a while after she left and I cried like I never cried before. I had lost my beloved best doggie friend and family and I was a mess.

I thought long and hard about what to write about and I knew I wanted to honor her. There are countless wonderful memories I could share but I think you get the point. I cherished and still cherish my Sassy. She was the best dog I ever had and I’m so grateful she picked me to be her human.


12 thoughts on “What do I Cherish?

    1. Yes Sassy was everything to me. I’m thinking of getting another but I feel like I’ll be doing something wrong to Sassy. Glad you understand. May we both be able to find new fury babies that fill new spaces in our hearts.

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  1. Your post brought tears to me eyes. I have always been a dog lover and have two of my own. Roxy the older one is getting on in years and I fear the day she leaves, yet I know it’s inevitable. I, like you try to cherish every moment with her, spoiling her rotten and hold on too her a bit longer. I fully understand how tough it is to find another pet to fill the void as they are irreplaceable. Thanks for sharing this poignant post.


  2. Very sweet! I love my two as well. Their bodies may be of dogs, but their souls are like ours. They are beautiful beings. I hope Sassy will continue to bring you happiness…cherish her memories…keep her alive within you.


  3. I’ve cherished the 3 dogs I’ve had. All brought me lots of love and comfort. But one was the most special and loving as she ran away from home and “adopt d” us. We found the owner, a breeder. She was somewhat neglected as s she was Joe “fixed.” The owner saw our bond and gave us her papers. She was a tween dachshund. After she passed at the age of 17, my husband confessed she “saved his life” during a period of depression (unemployed for 3 years). Hubby became a Mr. Mom, but macho man that he was, it was soooo hard! Thankfully, to this day, he and our now adult daughter have a deep bond. And she now has a miniature dachshund!


  4. it is so difficult to select just one thing to write about when you see the words cherished. There are so much that each of us cherish that we can’t list them all. A good selection.


  5. So sorry for your loss of such a cherished friend. Our four-legged friends become so much a part of the family. Thank you for taking part in the cherished Blogfest.


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