Natures generosity is waiting

The more grateful I am, the more my life is supported

Before we begin, I just want to breathe in and out. Ok! The above statements couldn’t be more true for me. I have to confess I was a closeted oppressed person for years. My life revolved around fear. Fear of myself, fear of G-d( not the healthy kind), fear of others and what they thought of me. Recently something clicked in me that made me upset with my life and myself for living it. The Bible talks about having the faith of a child and if you do, you can say to mountains be moved and they will obey. What if those mountains are thoughts? What if our thoughts create our human experiences. Now bare with me, I am not talking about name it and claim it type stuff. But I am talking about “as a man thinks so is he. ” I always got it on an intellectual level but never deep down in my bones to where my life would change as a result of my thoughts.

The other day I spoke about domestic abuse. Things like this happen because both parties involved have twisted thinking. The party giving the abuse has horrible thoughts and the party receiving the abuse does as well. The only way to change the cycle is when one of them changes their mind. A few months ago G-d gave me a powerful word and I want to share it with you. He said through a speaker that ” true doctrine understood changes attitudes and behavior. ” – Boyd K Packer

The next logical question is where does one gain understanding? It’s simple, in the mind. If we start seeing ourselves as greater and as overcomers, the system created by the Divine can’t help but respond.
Why? We are aligning with the word and the word is powerful. As a man thinks so is he. How powerful is that statement? For me, it screams if you change your mind you can change you. Here’s another one: out of the mouth the heart speaks. What are you focusing your thoughts and heart on? If you constantly worry that is what you will become;a person who worries and has fear in their heart. If you constantly complain guess what you will be…a complainer and nothing will ever be good enough and your heart will give birth to greed. If you constantly think you aren’t worthy of better… yep you guessed it, you will become smaller and your heart will become doubtful.

Why oh why do we torture ourselves like this? We could just change our minds. What do you need to change your mind about? What lies have you fallen for that are taking the life force out of your life? I challenge you to change your mind! Of course this isn’t going to bring about overnight change however as long as there is breath in the body, we have the power and ability to change. I am changing my life. I am no longer afraid to stand in my truth. No longer afraid to be who I am, and to show up in the world. I believe that with the help from my G-d, things will happen!

I would like to give you another gift by putting the video link here by Todd B. Parker. He talks about how once we understand we can expect change to occur in our life.

What changes are you bold enough to expect? Speak to those mountains in faith and they will move.
A little disclaimer: I am not a member of the LDS church nor do I promote it’s values and beliefs. However truth is truth and this video speaks clear truth on the power of understanding and applying truth to our lives . If we hear but don’t really believe there will be no fruit of real change in our lives. Enjoy and be inspired!


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