Day 8 Gratitude leads to health

Our brains change when we change our thoughts. Could the sages have gotten it right about health? I know I feel something changing in me. I am no longer in a constant state of “funk, ” and I feel like I can see things in my life clearer and better. I feel good after every meditation. As you know, I missed doing my morning routine and I was able to connect why I was having a hard time. So I have made it a goal to get up earlier and do the things I know are going to lead to success in my life. Many wonderful things are starting to happen. I know that systematically my life is changing. The most joyful and awesome thought is all I had to do was change my mind. Our bodies are powerful! It says in Jeremiah that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. However, if we don’t tap into that awesome unending resource, we are not living life more abundantly. If my Messiah died to give me life more abundantly but I fail to recognize the simple gifts, and I fail to attain the simple spiritual disciplines I am the one missing out! I don’t want to miss out on anything in this life! So by now you’ve probably figured out I like to challenge my readers. What do you need to change your mind about? What in your mind is holding you back from living life abundantly? Could it be the negative patterns we’ve adapted to our brains. Well it’s time to change our stinking thinking. Try to think at least three positive thoughts about any negative thing in your life that you want to see change in and let’s see those mountains began to move! I need you as much as you need me. Thank you for all the likes and positive comments. It is encouraging me to keep going. Let’s keep going together, marching in gratitude and receiving our daily grace.


5 thoughts on “Day 8 Gratitude leads to health

  1. I agree! Positive thinking has really been a blessing in my life. I listen to positive affirmations every single day to flush all of the negatively that tries to take up space in my mind. Meditation is also a powerful way to take control of our thoughts, feelings, etc. This is something that takes time and dedication and certainly not a quick fix but it is definitely well worth it!

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