Meditation Day 7

Obstacles to grace melt away?
Without resistance there is no growth.

How do you respond to obstacles? Or better yet, how do you respond to stress?

My therapist told me that emotions, especially negative ones, are nothing less than information. It is a gift to us to check how we respond to obstacles? When we lift weights, we are told that we must engage and give resistance to the muscle in order to bring change. I believe this can easily apply to our lives. In today’s meditation, they focused on the blocks that block the flow of gratitude. By taking a realistic look at ourselves and how we respond, we are able to apply the right amount of focus to change.

Nothing in this life is set in stone. We all have the ability to cope, respond in grace and change whatever it is we perceive as an obstacle or negative. I have found my perception has changed by engaging in this journey. I am becoming more connected with my true self and sometimes we have to deal with negative things about ourselves. However, by focusing on gratitude and looking at myself and other things through gratitude glasses I am able to start taking positive action to change my life. Sometimes we make things way to big and just think that things can’t change. Maybe there is truth in that but what we can control and change is ourselves. Life isn’t always roses and chocolate, sometimes life just stinks but that doesn’t mean we have to give into those negative emotions. Out of honor for ourself, we of course have to look at life with honesty. But we don’t have to stay there and build a house. Life doesn’t have to be difficult in order for it to be meaningful.

As you know, I am a believer and one of my favorite scriptures is when Yeshusa said ” I came so that you may have life and have it more abundantly. ” We don’t have to settle. We can change whatever isn’t working for us at anytime we choose.

This next question might seem harsh but it’s what I heard during today’s meditation.

Are you the reason your life sucks? Let that sink in. Don’t answer right away. If you feel that something could change and be better, get busy! We are the authors of our lives. Could you be in denial? Could you be in fear? Could you be stuck in selfishness? What is it that is blocking you from receiving your blessings? What is it that is stopping you from encountering grace? I have learned there is an unlimited source for gratitude. There are so many positive things to focus on. Let’s keep growing and stretching and if we feel uncomfortable, figure out what action needs to be taken to bring about change.
Shalom (Peace)


4 thoughts on “Meditation Day 7

  1. Very timely word for me in my season of discouragement. I am actually sorting out my emotions and trying to focus on gratitude. I am beginning to get excite about what pleasant surprise the Lord has for me. Don’t stop sharing…God Bless you.


    1. These seasons are all apart of the human experience. I pray that you would come out of that season soon fully equipped having learned all that you can from it in order to turn around and be the blessing to others. Thank you for the kind words.


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