Day 6 Gratitude is in the present.

By now, I’m sure you have all heard the old saying ” what type of time is a gift? ” The answer is the Present.

But how many of us actually think of what is happening right now this very moment as a gift?

I know I personally struggle with this concept. Either I am stuck in my memories or caught up in my dreams. However, I instinctively know if I only could be present in the present, things could change? I have really been trying to accomplish this when meditating. It’s not a discipline that is learned overnight but it’s something that comes with patience and persistence.

I am really enjoying this meditation series because for me it is causing me to be more and more present in the right now moments. The present is for us because if we are fully in the right now moments we will experience connection, which will bring about more thankfulness and Grace. All of these things enrich our human experience helping us to relax, be more authentic and just go with the flow. Life can be full of challenges but if we are fully present and aware of ourselves we might be able to bend instead of break and flow instead of getting stuck. I remember my sister gave me a wonderful piece of wisdom that I would like to pass on because I feel it applies. She told me that I needed to become aware of the seasons of my life and once I connected with the season I was in I would know how to act. I believe that advice was straight from the Divine because when it is winter we are to be fully present in resting , in spring we plant, in summer we harvest, and in fall we prepare for winter.

How awful is it when we as humans are in our summer season but we treat it as if it is winter? Being present is a gift to us and those around us. When we are aware, every door is open and our senses are heightened.

I challenge you to began to evaluate your life and ask yourself “What season am I in?” Once you figure that out began to be thankful for it and act accordingly.


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