Meditation Day 3

Gratitude opens the fullness of life-Melody Beattie

This is a quote from today’s meditation and it couldn’t be more on
Point for how things are panning out in my life. Does perception really change things? It’s day 3 and already I am seeing my life as half full and the water of abundance pouring into my cup. Funny thing is that none of my circumstances have changed only my perspective by focusing on the simple discipline of having gratitude. Could the secret to happiness really be as simple as turning the dial in our minds from ungratefulness to being grateful? I am turning into a believer day by day. My days are so much more full of the good things in life. Things like peace, joy, kindness, gladness. These are what my religion calls the fruit of the spirit. Others refer to it as energy but something magical happens when we change our minds. When we stop putting all our mental energy (which leads to physical energy) on what we don’t have and focus and be truly thankful for what we have! Mr. Chopra calls this action gladdening the heart. When you focus on what is going right, the other things seem to work themselves out.

Again, it’s only been 3 days but already I feel like a new person and others around me are taking notice. I don’t feel as rushed and I feel like I have more time than I know what to do with. All from slowing down and giving thanks! As you know, I don’t share the same religious views as Chopra but that doesn’t mean we can’t mutually receive wisdom from each other. The scriptures say to meditate day and night upon G-d’s word. I always take my time when meditating as a way to have communal prayer with the divine. I start out by emptying my mind and I say the things I am thankful for and after each one I thank G-d for that thing. After that, I ask Him to give me guidance and to speak to me as only He can. It is in that space where I receive unspeakable wisdom and ideas. All my fears and worries are put to rest. For me, it makes my day much more productive. I feel healthier because my adrenals aren’t vexed. The deep breathing brings me back to being in the moment, being aware and ready to take action.

I’d love to hear some of your thoughts on how meditation is helpful to you. Feel free to leave a comment and let’s discuss how we all go about doing this ancient practice.


5 thoughts on “Meditation Day 3

  1. I would like to try meditation in order to see if it helps with high blood pressure. Look forward to reading your blog. Any recommendations for a beginner? Thank you!!


    1. Meditation is personal meaning there is no right or wrong way to do it. YouTube has many great resources. I have done many different types of meditation. Ex: silent meditation, music or sound meditation, guided meditation. Also it doesn’t matter what your religious background is because for me a lot of times I put scripture in as my “mantra” and other times I use it for prayer.


  2. Meditation for me is that quiet moment in the morning away from the noise of family,co- workers and just praying and reading my Bible even if it lasts for just few minutes…it always sorts my day out. Problem of meditation to me is silencing the voices in your head and mind,including the list of the day’s to-do-list and relaxing.

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  3. I really liked this post and I need to try to be more grateful myself. I find myself becoming too critical and angry at times and I think the attitude of gratitude would help me with that. Thanks for a great post.


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