Hello Blog World…. I’m ready for my close up!

I started this blog to come out of the closet as a writer. If you check out my first blog post all of the juicy details are there. I wanted to do a public blog to sharpen my skills as a writer and to follow my heart. I am currently writing a novel and most of my close friends and some family didn’t know. Not because they wouldn’t be supportive but because I wasn’t comfortable in my skin as a writer. I am sick of day dreaming of all the awesome stuff I want to do so I Jumped and did it. As for topics I’m all over the place hence the name of my blog. I am interested in many different things and life is boring just playing and coloring in one color. I want to cover my whole personality and show the world who and what I am. I would love to connect with many different people from many different walks of life. I just don’t want to connect with people that think or act like myself but I want to inspire those and be inspired by those that are different from me. I want to challenge myself and others to dig deep and think for ourselves not just take what I or some other person has to say but find the truth within ourselves and get the conversation going on all the wonderful topics out there in the world. A successful blog would be one where people love to read what I write. A place where they come to be inspired and encouraged and engaged in thought provoking conversation but at the same time leave with a sense of peace and fulfillment as well as with an inner smile. I look forward to this journey.


16 thoughts on “Hello Blog World…. I’m ready for my close up!

  1. I liked the tone of your Blogging 101 “About Me” article. You got your message across about the purpose of the blog really well, but after looking around the rest of your blog, I don’t feel that your personality showed through as much as it did in some other places, for example in the Butter Coffee article. By the way, I’m trying it… butter…good; coffee…good… how can you go wrong? You’re off to a great start, though!


    1. Thank you. Mind if I ask you a quick question? How do I add the badge for Cherished BlogFest to my page? I want the picture like you have on your blog but whenever I add it to the text widget it shows up as a link. Thanks in advance for any help.

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      1. I look forward to reading your post. We have a lot of people signed-up, but I’m hoping to visit all of them. At least all the ones that started from here.


  2. I can really relate to not telling friends and family about your book or blog – it’s kind of scary to put yourself out there. I’ve told myself that once I finish all 15 blogging 101 assignments I’m sending out an announcement! I’ve got days 14 and 15 to go so the announcement day is nearing. Enjoy your journey and keep putting your writing out there!


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