Heavenly Combo – MUST TRY!!! above photo Richard Lautens/Toronto Star

At first I was hesitant, but I kept hearing about and reading about and watching countless hours of video on YouTube about Ketogenics. The high-fat, low-carb diet. This morning drink of yummy goodness is what caught my eye – not because I initially thought I would like it. More out of disgust, and “how could anyone drink that to start their day and claim it’s healthy?” Until I went out on the ledge and tried it with my own lips. Now I can’t imagine having my coffee or tea any other way. It was pure solid fat heaven… LOL. No, but really, I was shocked at how right it seemed. The coffee was mellow and the butter creamy, salty, and sweet. I didn’t do the recommended tablespoon, just a teaspoon, but I think I still got the subtle flavors and the effect of ‘fullness’ that is intended from adding fat to your diet. I had one cup this morning, around 10am, and it is now going on 2pm and I have yet to put another thing in my mouth. I’m full of energy and still very satisfied. I think today might be a day where I have to remind myself to eat. If you like coffee, butter and cream separate, you should try them together as well. Let me know how things went for you. Can be done with black tea as well, or any tea, for that matter.

Butter Coffee/Tea

1 cup of hot coffee/tea

splash of grass-fed organic heavy whipping cream

tablespoon grass-fed butter

Stevia (a few drops)

Vanilla (I have the raw organic pure grounds)

Mix all above together and blend or stir vigorously. Pour into mug and enjoy.


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