Same Sex Marriage! What Does the Bible really say? Who was the Bible speaking to?

I think the answer is BELIEVERS!

As our world and nation seem to be changing in many ways, I can’t help but ask myself some serious questions. I know many blogs and news sources will be talking about the title of this blog post but I really don’t want to talk about it in the same way. Many people are calling this a victory for LOVE and if it was that simple there wouldn’t be the need for on going debate. The way I see it, on the surface there is nothing wrong with two people loving each other. But when I hear people misquoting and misunderstanding the word of G-d, I feel the need to clarify what the bible really says and who the bible was and is speaking to. There are many scriptures on sexual acts in the bible that are still wildly practiced today. Some sexual acts many people are openly against and both hetero and homo people believe are wrong today. Acts like polygamy, incest, sex with children, and sex with animals.
I ask these next questions only to get us thinking:

What if people that are practicing those things listed above started a campaign to get laws passed all under the guise of “We Love (fill in the blank), We were born (fill in the blank) way, no one can tell us what is wrong for us and if you speak any opposing view you are discriminating and hateful against us (fill in the blank)? ” Polygamy, childhood brides, sex with animals, man boy love, or incest….When are these going to become fashionable again? What if the people involved are consenting? Or if a culture as a whole is ok with some or all these acts… I wonder how both hetro and homo people would respond? If we are honest, one or more of those things I listed make us uncomfortable. I know some are reading this and frowning upon the idea of all or any of those becoming legal and being given marriage equality. If we are honest not even 10-20yrs ago the same emotions would have been felt among the majority on same sex marriage.

I feel the debate has lost sight of the facts. Both sides are condemning the other based on poor understanding of G-ds words. Many of us, myself included, have been at the end of hate-filled rhetoric by those professing to be G-ds children and those not professing to be G-ds children. Hate comes pretty easy to us all as humans. Rather it’s the homosexuals hating the rights that heterosexuals have or hating bible believers (sometimes rightly so) for the way they have been treated. Or it’s bible believing heterosexuals feeling as though G-d has put them in the judgement seat of non-believers lives and hating that Sodom and Gomorrah hasn’t happened again not realizing that if it did most bible believers would be burnt up as well for things that aren’t godly going on in their homes.

I am writing this to clear up one fact. What does the bible really say about heterosexual and homosexual erotic acts? Yes I said both sides erotic sex acts. I’m going to list a few scriptures just so we can see what G-d has to say. Note this was not to unbelievers but to believers in G-d and his son Yeshua. Again I point out these scriptures are Not only to the homosexual believer but also the heterosexual believer(keyword believer).:

1st Corinthians 6:9-11; leviticus/18-22; 1st Corinthians 6:17-20;leviticus/20-13

The common theme I pick up from them is not G-d hates people that love each other but he has called believers in him to be free from all types of sexual immorality. G-d’s message was for and to believers in him, not to those that don’t believe.

We shall know them by their fruit. Matthew 7:16 What fruit was he talking about? Galatians 5:22-23 The fruit of the spirit.

When I heard they passed gay marriage in America two things came to my mind. The first was I had no emotions about it, I gave a shrug and continued my morning ritual (my morning prayer( modeh ani)and to meditate on the bible). As I did I heard clear in my mind “Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and render unto G-d what is G-d’s” Matthew 22:21
I took that to mean those that are actively ritually practicing immoral sexual acts (heterosexual or homosexual) don’t really believe nor have a personal relationship with G-D.

The second thing that came to my mind was I wonder if the divorce rate will now go up and if there will be stupid polls to tell us how many gays are getting married, staying married, are happily married, if there is cheating and all the other dumb polls done with marriage before same sex marriage became legalized. I don’t really care who is getting married in this country or any other. But what I do care about is my right not to care and also my right to believe and teach believers and those seeking to be believers what the bible really says on these issues for heterosexual and homosexual alike.
As I pointed out above there are many scriptures about sex acts in the word of G-d but we as believers are suppose to practice discipline in all areas of our lives. Many believers are confused by the actions taking place in America. However I can’t help but to want to highlight things going on in G-ds so called house. Judgment always begins in the house of the Lord.

1st Peter 4:17 fellow believers we have a lot to be judged not by man but by G-d. Our marriages should be windows into G-ds kingdom strong witnesses of G-ds love. Our marriages should make others blush not because of the sex going on but because of the love so clearly seen by others. Believers should be the forerunners on love. However how many of us know that behind closed doors and for some of us in public, our marriages suck in comparison. How many of us have let our hearts grow cold? Have let sexual immorality creep into our bedrooms via porn sites? How many of us are sexually practicing things that if they got out we’d be shamed? How many of us are practicing anal sex? How many of us are practicing adultery? How many of us have multiple marriages?

I say this not to condemn but to offer a wake up call. G-d has told believers to come out and to be separate. Yet many of us don’t stand out in a crowd and if we do its not because of the love of G-d showing in our lives!
Lastly, for the believers not sure about what to do and being fed the campaign of fear, and hate by those of us that say we are in the flock. I leave you and myself with this scripture. For we cannot condemn the world when many of us have the very things we are condemning happening in our lives:

2nd Chronicles 7:14

lets humble ourselves, repent and start showing the world the real love of G-d and watch G-d move on our behalf.
Acts 16:26-34 says it all we don’t have to change the world for of we change ourselves and align fully with G-ds word by having the renewing of our mind, our actions will be seen by those that are called of G-d for it is he that does the calling and they will seek out the truth and when true doctrine is understood it will began to change attitudes and behaviors. Being a believer is never easy for it calls all believers to individually constantly check themselves first and adjust accordingly and in Love speak the truth to others. On a side note I love that the homosexual movement chose a RAINBOW a divine sign based on Divine LOVE Genesis 9:13. Whenever we (as believer’s) see it, we believer’s should rejoice because the rainbow is a promise to Noah and his descendants that G-d would not destroy the earth by means of a flood. However, we believer’s know that there is coming a day where G-d will make a new heaven and earth and the sons and daughters of G-d shall inhabit it.

So render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s. All praises to the most high who gives grace to all men alike that we may know the truth and serve it.


5 thoughts on “Same Sex Marriage! What Does the Bible really say? Who was the Bible speaking to?

  1. My creator “All praises to the I AM That I AM” the “MOST HIGH ” If “I AM THAT I AM” said it……That settles IT!!!!!!!!’👀👏🏽💝


  2. I have qualms with the whole gay marriage thing. As a Christian, I feel we have a duty to stand up for what we feel is morally right. In the book of Romans it is explicit about homosexuality being wrong. It is against God. God made Adam in His image and took a rib from him to make Eve, whom was made to be his helpmate. Our country had turned away from God by this ruling of same sex marriages. You may call me judging but I’m not, I’m simply stating my view as a Christian and my right. I do have a question for you. Throughout your blog, which was well written, you wrote G-d. Why not simply spell out God or was that just to make your post interesting? Curious, no hard feelings.


      1. Thanks for sharing that and that makes since about how you use God’s name. I appreciate the knowledge given and plan to read up more about your belief. Who says you can’t learn something new!? ♡


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