A Nation’s Lamentations

Is anyone listening to the cries of a people who have been oppressed and

disabled, counted out more times than in.

Doing everything not to explode from within.

Many fatherless children go to sleep at night.

Only to wake up and see it’s not a nightmare but their life.

So many sons of ours are laying in the street.

No more sounds of little feet.

Those that see what is displayed on the TV as news, how about you

take the time to go to the funerals of our dead fathers and sons.

Take a time out and see what hatred has done.

How many have to die for justice to be done?

No more life in the bodies. Dead at the hand of hatred holding a


My soul cries out loud but no one hears its cries.

Instead met with a cold rebuff of “Just get over it, that was so long

ago!” and “what about my sad story, the one about this is my country.”

Don’t dare bring up the fact that it was stolen from its natives right

under their noses.

You know how we placed them in camps and allowed them to build


We teach you and them to sing My country tis of thee, sweet land of


Only people who look like me will let freedom ring.

Everyone else will be made to swallow my choice of bitter pill.

Everyone will be made to learn my history and not all the facts,

made to feel less than and given speeches about there is no more hatred.

They will be taught to ignore, denial is better than truth.

The truth is this nation that was stolen from the natives, built on the

backs of blacks and now held up by Latinos.

Everyday we are sublimely told “Don’t you dare try to get a piece

of this pie that you built or else we will call you uppity, entitled, and

spoiled brats. Why do you cry and get angry while we continue to let

your babies die? Just please stop talking about the ever so present past.

That was yesterday and yes we know no justice was had. We know that

your Families were and are ripped apart first at the hand of the Master,

now at the hand of the Overseer.”

They turn around and say “What’s the matter?” What’s the big deal?

Haven’t we given you people enough already? It’s time to chill. Every

time we look up you people want a hand out.”

“You expect an equal seat at the table that your blood built. Your

blood and free labor made it safe for others to travel here. We sold the

dream off of the work you did. We made you work while we sat back and

got fat. But it’s you that is lazy or even worse crazy. To think you could

become a part of the dream.”

A place where all men are counted free. A place where children


all colors are free to play and free to fantasize about growing old


How can you not weep when you see them close another casket?

Another black life stolen before its time because of a thief. How many

lives have to be lost for you to shed a tear? For you to stop denying that

the system is broken. Someone has hurt our mothers hearts by snatching

sons and husbands hearts.

They have taken their last breath all under the disguise of getting

back what never belong to them.

We will keep rising higher and higher in spite of all the obstacles

placed before us.

For in our wombs we hold the hopes for this nation.

My brothers and sisters keep marching on to that all familiar song

We Shall Overcome.

For when our Saints Go marching in they join that great cloud of


Keep moving forward and keep peace in our sight.

For no terrorist shall take us by night. For we have overcome in

spite of cowards’ guns.

We are a rich people.

Look around can’t you see you are Eagles? We make this world go


From music to fashion to science and beyond.

If our people don’t rock it no one does.

I know times are hard right now but can’t you hear the voices of our

ancestors cheering us on.

They are saying they can’t stop us.

We have a divine strength, the same one that allows to keep

forgiving hate.

The same one that makes us overlook evil.

The same one that makes us have open hearts.

I hear the divine saying to us as a people, “from the ashes you will

rise higher and higher into the sky. Soon all will change in the blink of G-d’s

son’s eye.”


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