I Jumped… Will You??


This last year has been filled with many light-bulb moments. I have much to share. I am finding my way, and I invite you on the journey… the journey of life (…LoveInsightFaithExchange). Many things in life change. When I was younger I hated this concept, but as I get older (recently turned 35) I embrace this concept. Life is an adventure. A reality show waiting to happen. The one thing you and I can count on is CHANGE!!! Nothing stays the same, and that is the beautiful mystery we all try to wrap our heads around. I am what you would call a mixed bag. I am currently writing my first novel. This journey of self discovery through writing has CHANGED my life for the better. I was always a creative type, falling into many different trades. Settling for a service-type job just to pay the bills. Being a parent, hearing the advice I give to my daughter, and thinking of how I want her to live, I found myself challenged. How can I tell her go for your dreams and not go after mine? How can I say to her ‘women are equal,’ yet hide in the background? How can I say to her ‘you can be anything,’ yet I settle? So today I asked myself this question: What are you waiting for? No, I didn’t get an earth-shattering answer, except my own small voice of instant feedback. I can no longer make excuses. You know, the ones that hold us back. The ones that start with the word “When.” Here’s an example: When I learn to spell and can edit my own words, I can call myself a writer. Or, When I look the part (for me that means losing weight… so I look good on the book jacket). Or When I save up enough money to stay home and just write and still keep food in my fridge. Well, we all know those are just things we tell ourselves to keep ourselves from failing. I found myself thinking, “The only thing that could happen is nothing… and is that worse than what you have now?” My answer was NO. So I JUMPED. Yes! With fear in my heart, but I am tired making excuses about “why not” or saying “I can’t.” It is time for YES, and a different kind of “why not.” Not the type that ends there, but I am challenging myself to add a word on the end of that. WHY NOT NOW? As you can see, I titled this blog thinking of myself and the others that are in the same place as I am. We feel it deep in our souls. Something calling us to do something different. For me it was to finally accept that yes, there is a writer inside of me, as well as a host of other gifts that never seemed to gel… but that is what makes me Unique, and I am no longer ashamed. Will you join me? I hope so. Let’s hold each other accountable to live the best life that we can daily. I JUMPED…Will You?? Also, a side note for the people that notice grammar and spelling mistakes… maybe, just maybe you are an editor in hiding (LOL). I know I need one, but that was one of the many excuses for not getting started that no longer holds up. So if you are editing this for me as you read, and feel like you could help me with that, feel free to reach out. Payment will be endless appreciation and gratitude.


10 thoughts on “I Jumped… Will You??

  1. Change is always scary! However, even changes that shake the ground beneath our feet and leave us dizzy and confused teach valuable lessons that help us grow. Embrace the change! And good luck on your novel!


  2. I have jumped into many things always landed on my two feet. Spread your wings and soar , fly high, and go forth in the name of Yeshua! Be BLESSED!


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